domestic abuse

Domestic abuse and hair loss

domestic abuseRecently a young woman wrote into a newspaper advice column and mentioned that she has just had her third baby, that she is suffering from post natal depression and that her husband is also placing stress on her with some emotional domestic abuse . The anonymous young woman complained about how her hair has been falling out in thick clumps and that she does not feel well – unsurprising considering her delicate situation at home.

Hair loss can be caused by numerous factors; unfortunately in this situation she appears to be victim to many of them. Large amounts of stress from her husband, a recent childbirth and post-natal depression can all contribute to hair loss, a weakened immune system and general feelings of being unwell and emotionally unstable.

What Is Postpartum Hair Loss?

After you have a baby, postpartum hair loss is a completely normal yet temporary condition which occurs and affects almost all new mothers. This is because during pregnancy, there are elevated levels of oestrogen which can prolong the ‘growing’ stage of the hair. As there are fewer hairs which are in the ‘resting’ stage, less hair falls out – this can result in thicker and stronger hair during pregnancy.

Usually three months after giving birth, new mothers will notice more hair coming out as they brush their hair or shower. Generally, most women will end up returning to their normal hair growth cycle around six to twelve months postpartum.

Stress Related Hair Loss

Stress is something which can affect the entire body – your physical, mental and emotional wellbeing can all be weakened through high levels of consistent stress. This is because stress can alter your hormone levels, which in turn upsets the body’s normal balance. Significant amounts of stress can push your hair follicles into a resting phase for a prolonged period of time which can cause hair to fall out suddenly when you are simply washing or combing hair.

Stress related hair fall can be reversed as long as the cause of stress is removed.

If you are worried about large amounts of unexplained hair fall, speak to a doctor or hair loss expert for more information.