Could this DIY hair mask be the solution to post-partum hair loss?

Post-partum hair loss: could this DIY hair mask be the solution?

Could this DIY hair mask be the solution to post-partum hair loss?Let’s face it, post-partum hair loss can be devastating. During pregnancy, the hair looks healthier and feels stronger than ever before. So, when it starts to thin and fall out after the birth, it can be a real blow to your self-confidence.

Post-partum hair loss is a common problem that isn’t talked about enough, and understandably it can cause a lot of distress. Help is available however and recently blogger Chelsea Bates has revealed a potential solution – a DIY hair mask. So, what is it and could it really be the cure you’re looking for?

What is it?

The DIY hair mask is said to help not only speed up hair growth, but prevent it from falling out in the first place. It contains just four ingredients which are:
Avocado oil
2-3 drops Lavender essential oil
Coconut oil
2 drops Breathe oil (a mixture of peppermint and tea tree oil)
The avocado and coconut oils are said to strengthen the hair, protecting it against breakage, while the essential oils are said to be great for both hair loss and hair growth. Bates recommends using the mask once a week on dry hair.

Will it work for post-partum hair loss?

While the mask certainly won’t harm your hair, it’s unlikely going to have a significant impact on hair growth.
Post-partum hair loss is caused by fluctuating hormone levels and each woman has a slightly different hair loss experience. In fact, some don’t experience any hair loss at all, while others develop noticeable bald patches. Regardless of how much hair you lose, this type of hair loss is temporary and it does grow back.

The change in hormones during pregnancy causes the hair’s growth cycle to change. Initially more hairs are pushed into the resting phase, which halts until you’ve given birth. When the hormone levels change again, the hairs in the resting phase go into the shedding phase, all at the same time. That’s why it’s so noticeable.

Overall, DIY solutions like the hair mask are harmless to try and may help improve the condition of the hair. However, they aren’t going to really impact the growth cycle. Time is the only thing that will help you to regain your pre-birth locks.

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