Daughter Donates Hair to Mum with Alopecia

girl donates hair to alopecia mumWe all know the difficulty of finding that special, personal gift for Mother. Isla Nicholson, 13 from Paisley had the perfect idea when she decided to give her mum (who suffers from alopecia) 10 inches of her own hair.

Her mum Alison, 50 has alopecia universalis which results in total body hair loss. She was diagnosed seven years ago when she discovered two small bald patches. It’s an auto-immune condition whereby white blood cells mistake healthy hair follicles for a foreign body, like a virus. As a result, the body turns on the healthy hair, resulting in hair loss.

Dealing with Alopecia

Alopecia can strike all ages and both sexes. It has a particularly devastating psychological effect on women, often causing feelings of shame, anxiety lack of self-worth.

There are potential treatments, although certainly no guarantee of success in restoring hair and they can often cause as much anxiety as the conditions itself.

In Alison’s case she tried steroid injections but unfortunately that actually increased her hair loss. She then felt she had no option but to try a wig, but she found the quality provided by the NHS to be less than she would have liked:

“The (acrylic) wigs provided are heavily processed and they have to be stuck to your head. Standing in front of people worrying if it’s going to move is a real trauma”.

Finding the Right Hair System

Fortunately for Alison she discovered Freedom Hair New Zealand which used unprocessed real hair and a vacuum seal to avoid the wig suddenly moving position on the scalp. The only issue was finding a supportive hair salon to restyle the wig and a suitable donor.

The Rainbow Rooms in Glasgow were more than happy to oblige and even agreed to offer the service free, whilst Isla was delighted to be able to gift her mum 10 inches of her own hair.

Alison talks about how the Rainbow Rooms and her daughter have restored her confidence. Isla, sporting a new, stylish long bob said, “Mum does so much for everyone else that I wanted to do something nice and give back to her. I feel a lot more free with all that weight off.”

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