Hair loss: Could this collagen supplement be the answer?

Hair loss: could this collagen supplement be the answer?

Hair loss: Could this collagen supplement be the answer?Anna Lahey was inspired to launch her own company in 2014 after she found that marine collagen is a widely used supplement in Japan for hair, skin and nail growth. Many supplements currently available in the market are simply filled with minerals and vitamins, but Lahey personally found that marine collagen supplements were having extensive benefits for not just her physical health, but overall wellbeing.

Lahey claims that after just one month of use, her skin noticeably improved, along with the growth of her nails and specially her hair. Previously, Lahey was relying on routine hair extensions as she had trouble growing her hair long since she was a teenager. Yet once she had taken marine collagen supplements, even her hairdresser was amazed at the amount of hair growth and thickness she had obtained in such a short time.

The science behind marine collagen

Marine collagen is extracted from the scales of saltwater fish such as cod, salmon or snapper. Naturally the body already creates its own collagen, yet this production begins to decrease in our mid-twenties and eventually subside by the time we reach our sixties.

Studies suggest that marine collagen can slow down the effects of ageing when consumed on a daily basis, in fact it could even result in firmer and more hydrated skin. This gives consumers a much more radiant, even complexion with fewer wrinkles or fine lines.

Could it work for me?

Whenever someone is dealing with hair loss, it is important to understand that there will be a root cause behind the hair fall. Collagen is undoubtedly beneficial for healthy hair growth, but it is unlikely to be able to solve a serious hair loss problem using a supplement alone. If you feel your hair loss is excessive, it is always a good idea to speak to a doctor or hair loss expert to determine the cause before considering supplementation.

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