chemotherapy kickstarted my false eyebrows business

“How chemotherapy kick-started my false eyebrows business”

chemotherapy kickstarted my false eyebrows businessAt the age of 23, Daenna Pai was diagnosed with a rare form of kidney cancer. After six rounds of chemotherapy over the course of three years, Daenna had been through more than other young women her age could imagine, and false eyebrows were the last thing on her mind.

Chemotherapy can cause patients to suffer from pain, extreme fatigue, anaemia and hair fall. When Daennas doctors told her that her hair would fall out, she didn’t imagine that would mean her eyebrows and eyelashes also. Daennas strength and confidence allowed her to realise herself and feel beautiful in her skin as she was, however once she noticed her eyebrows were thinning and eventually falling out her confidence began to take a hit.

Beauty challenges

Working in the beauty industry, as a beauty editor, began to feel like a challenge when Daenna would have to introduce herself to new people. Many people consider eyebrows to be the most important feature on someone’s face, therefore having to introduce herself in the absence of such an expressive facial feature was not an easy experience.

Amazingly though, in April 2016 beauty retailer Volition approached Daenna with a fascinating idea aimed at patients who suffer from hair loss – false eyebrows. Having been through exhausting chemotherapy sessions and understanding the emotional impact of hair loss, Daenna immediately agreed to partake in this joint venture.

Volition has now created customisable and easy-application false eyebrows, keeping in mind patient requirements whilst creating their product, which will soon be available to buy.

What options are available for brow restoration apart from false eyebrows?

The two most popular forms of brow restoration are brow restoration surgery, which is similar to hair transplants and Minoxidil, a topical treatment. Surgery should always be carried out by a skilled and experienced doctor in order to obtain natural looking results. Some experts also suggest using Minoxidil alongside the brow restoration surgery for best results.

Depending on the underlying cause and severity of the hair fall, a medical professional will be able to give the best possible advice and guidance.

If you’ve lost your eyebrows, for any reason, and fancy giving false eyebrows a try, watch this space!

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