Celebrity Hairdresser Fighting Women’s Hair Loss

Trevor Sorbie is a world-renowned hairdresser who has been building his stellar reputation ever since opening his salon in Covent Garden in 1979. These days he is to be found providing free cuts to women in desperate need of his services. We look closer.


Trevor Sorbie MBE

Famously, Trevor Sorbie once had to turn down the Queen for an appointment such was the demand for his services. The great, the good and the not so good beat a path to his door. Rock stars, royalty, and Hollywood A-Listers, Trevor snipped them all. Now a sprightly 69 Trevor still has six salons operating and is still a force in the industry he helped create. However, talk to Trevor and you discover he describes himself as “retired.” Instead, he chooses to use his time and talent to help women going through cancer treatment and facing up to the hair loss associated with chemotherapy.

My New Hair

In 2006, Trevor lost his sister-in-law to cancer. During that terrible process, she came to him and asked for a wig. He talks movingly about the experience, “I bought a wig, put it on her, and it just looked like a wig. I customized it and it looked more natural – she burst into tears of joy. At that moment the penny dropped for me, I stopped cutting hair and started cutting wigs.”

Trevor was inspired to set up his charity, My New Hair,  to offer free cuts to women wearing wigs for the first time due to chemotherapy. That was over a decade ago and today Trevor is still to be found at his home in Gosport, in the South of England, where he and his wife have dedicated a room to the work. His association with the oncology department of a local hospital sees a regular flow of clients. No doubt they are amazed to find themselves in the hands of this hairdressing deity, something they can reflect on as they study the walls… covered as they are with pictures from Trevor’s glittering career. He does not charge a penny for his services either.

Above and Beyond

Trevor’s commitment to the charity goes way beyond some of his time and a room in his house. Over the years he has trained 600 hairdressers to deliver the same service which, he tells us, is at least as much about good communication as it is about great cuts. “You’re dealing with ladies who are in a very vulnerable place in their lives. You need to be delicate, you don’t start a conversation with “where are you going on holiday?” Clients are encouraged to bring along a friend for support and flexibility with appointments… understanding that the treatment can mean they are simply too unwell to turn up.

Hair Loss For Women

This remarkable man has found a new purpose at a time when most are trading in all that in favor of cruises or gardening. By leveraging his credibility he has delivered his brand of support to thousands of clients through the training he delivers. We applaud him. Our thanks to the Portsmouth News for the original article. You can find it here along with contact details for the charity.

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