What causes hair loss in women?

What causes hair loss in women?

Hair loss is distressing for anyone, however, it’s particularly traumatic for women as the cause is sometimes hard to determine. It’s without a doubt, much less common for a woman to experience hair thinning than their male counterparts, however, it’s certainly not unheard of. It’s not only psychologically damaging and distressing but it can be long lasting, resulting in depressive effects that can devastate her life. Yet it runs deeper than the actual thinning. What can also be considerably emotional and painful will be the reasons, or not knowing the reasons, behind the problem itself.

The answer can come in a variant of shapes and sizes from lack of suitable nutrition right down to stress issues. Add the possibility of hormonal irregularities and there’s quite a bundle of problems to search through. For females, it is absolutely critical that, before making a decision about cures for hair loss, it really should be discussed in depth with her medical professional. It’s fundamental that the cause of the given hair loss is discovered before any decision is made concerning potential remedies.

Physical Stress

Stress is certainly a predominant factor when it comes to hair loss in women. It’s certain that you make notice that you’ll suffer an element of shedding if you’re particularly tired or have recently had a bout of flu, to use an example. However, this tends to be a temporary measure that will dissapear as quickly as it came.

Yet physical stress isn’t limited to just requiring a good nights sleep. Occasionally, we may be subjected to a sudden shock, such as a death or car accident. This can induce an impact on your hair’s cycle, which will in turn result in hair loss. It’s important to note that this usually takes around three to six months to take effect. Additionally, if you subject your body to an extreme diet and experience rapid weight loss, this will also create physical stress which can produce the same results. The great news is that generally, hair loss after physical stress is usually only temporary.

Hair Loss & Pregnancy

Whilst you are pregnant, there is a substantial increase in the level of the hormone estrogen. Estrogen is the hormone that stimulates the actual growth of your hair. With the rises of estrogene whilst pregnant, you will also, invariably, experience a glorious head of hair up until you give birth.

Once these hormone levels begin to regain their normal levels, all of those additional hairs that you’d gained during your pregnancy will begin to fall out. For some, it will be more noticable than for others, yet the hormone changes that you’re experiencing will stimulate a reaction. This, as with pysical stress, is a temporary measure and generally, your hair will begin to regain normality after approximately twelve months after the birth.


Another common cause of hair loss in women can be a deficiency in iron. It’s a well documented problem that usually occurs between the ages of around twenty through to aged fifty. Syptoms of anemia will include fatigue alongside pale skin and dizziness. To establish if this is the cause of hair loss, it’s a simple process of deduction via a blood test. To rectify the problem, it is a simple process of iron supplements and your hair should regain it’s normal lustre rapidly and effectively.


Hypothyroidism is another way of saying that you have an underactive thyroid gland. Located in your neck, it produces the hormones that control your metabolism. When the hormones are not being produced to the required levels, it’s possible that you’ll experience hair loss.

As with anemia, this is a case of speaking to your medical professional and various tests will establish if your thyroid is functioning in a normal manner. If it’s not, you’ll require medication to control the thyroid which should rectify your hair loss problem.

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