Can you grow back overplucked eyebrows?

Sadly for those of us with overplucked eyebrows, the short answer to this hairy question is: no. In the same way that leg waxing comes so highly recommended for the gradual weakening and thinning of the leg hairs, the more you pluck your eyebrow hair, the weaker the follicle will become, until eventually it ceases to function. No amount of resting will enable a sealed follicle to reopen and produce hair again.

Back in the eighties and nineties, when the pencil thin, arched brow was the mark of a powerful yet stylish woman, the risk of overplucking was commonplace, and many an older woman stumbled into the new century with nothing but a few surviving hairs and a closely guarded brow pencil to show for her Thatcher-years success.

However, these days, a thickly dark brow, coyly shaped, is the facial feature that we all aspire to, and for those happy-go-lucky pluckers of yesteryear, the ability to grow such a luscious brow is causing much anxiety.

What if my overplucked eyebrows simply won’t grow back?

All is not lost, even if your follicles have given up the ghost – there are still a few cosmetic options. Consider the following:

1. First up, bear in mind that it will take up to three months for hair to regrow, depending on the stage in the follicle’s life cycle, your age, and metabolism. If there is still nothing after this length of time, you can safely conclude that it’s all gone.

2. While you are waiting, consider eating foods that are high in iron, vitamins B and C, and keratin, and you could even take an iodine supplement, or cook with iodine fortified salt. All of these nutrients are vital for healthy hair growth and will nourish the follicles so that hair will have sufficient energy to grow.

3. Cosmetics such as brow gels can enhance what remains of your eyebrows and permanent make-up can create the appearance of eyebrows through a superficial tattooing procedure.

Eyebrow transplants – do they work?

Like any hair transplant procedure, the surgeon will simply extract healthy hair follicles in either a strip, or in tiny units, from an area on your scalp (behind the ears is an area that is easy to conceal), and transplant them artfully along your brow, in a pre-arranged shape and position. The treatment is minimally invasive, painless (due to the anaesthetic used) and relatively quick. Results become apparent after a few weeks, and any initial shedding that is observed is simply due to the natural life cycle of the hair follicle.

This is a very effective permanent procedure, and while you will no longer need to pluck your brow, you will have to trim your brow hair to keep it in shape.

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