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Can Vitamin C Really Cure Hair Loss?

vitamin c A Korean beauty brand has released what is being dubbed as a “anti-aging potion for your scalp”. Featuring Vitamin C as it’s main ingredient, the product is said to work wonders for thinning hair.

Vitamin deficiencies are known to link to hair loss, but can they really be an effective cure?

Can Vitamin C deficiency lead to hair loss?

The hair needs a number of different vitamins in order to grow and Vitamin C is one of them. Therefore, a deficiency in this could certainly lead to hair loss.

The body is unable to create the vitamin, so it relies upon your diet to provide it with sufficient levels. The vitamin is required for many different functions within the body and the body will distribute it to the most important areas first.

As hair growth isn’t considered essential, if there is a deficiency of Vitamin C, it will first be sent to support your important bodily functions. Add to this, the fact that it’s also important in the absorption of iron, another nutrient essential for healthy hair growth, and you can see why a deficiency can lead to severe hair loss.

However, the likelihood of hair loss being caused by a Vitamin C deficiency is extremely low. You would need to have a significant deficiency for it to cause the hair to thin or fall out. Therefore, Vitamin C treatment is unlikely to solve the majority of hair loss cases.

Actual cures for hair loss

There’s a lot of different hair loss treatments on the market and the one that’s right for you will depend upon the cause of the problem. Medications and topical treatments such as Minoxidil for example, can work wonders for temporary hair loss conditions. SMP or hair transplants on the other hand, are recommended for more permanent hair loss conditions.

As there are many different types of hair loss, it’s really important to get the condition checked out before seeking treatment. If it is caused by a Vitamin C deficiency, then Vitamin C treatments could prove effective. However, for most cases you’ll be much better off using actual proven hair loss treatments like the ones mentioned above.