Stress related hair loss

Can stress cause hair loss in women?

Hair loss is traumatic for anyone. It makes absolutely no odds if you are male or female, it’s your crowning glory and losing it can have a severe psychological impact on your life. It’s always been relatively well documented that stress can cause your hair to gray, hence the phrase “to turn gray overnight”. Yet is this also the case with hair loss?

Scientists worldover have studied this particular issue and have drawn the conclusion that stress can very much have an influence on the hairline, however, it also depends on the type of stress involved.

We all experience our stress levels changing over the course of each and every given year. Yet, being overloaded with work or being late for the dentist isn’t strictly the stress that will cause the given torment in question. This would be deemed under the category of short term stress. In essence, this won’t cause hair loss and you probably will only need to go out and purchase yourself a stress ball to make it all feel manageable.

The stress that will be liable to cause hair loss will be the type of stress that will cause you to lose your appetite and have sleepless nights. When this happens, your hormones levels begin to change and are kicked out of balance.

It’s often something that is significant that will initiate an alteration in your body’s routine functioning. This will take a toll on your internal system and have a consequential effect on your psychological wellbeing as well as your health. Your hair generally sheds at a rate of around one to two hundred during the course of a normal day. After a sudden shock, it is possible that it will begin, after around three or four months, to shed at a rate that can be substantially higher. This can have a startling and disquieting affect on someone. However, as a rule, it’s crucial to take note, that it’s the type of hair loss that isn’t permanent. Once the impact of the stress diminishes, the hair will grow back at a normal rate.

It’s also important to note that you may also experience hair loss should your body receive changes via a strict diet or change of lifestyle. Albeit that the stress is physical over emotional, the results may well be comparable. Additionally, this is also occasionally likewise in the case of certain prescribed medicines.

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