guava leaves hair loss

Can Guava Leaves Stop Hair Loss?

guava leaves hair lossIt’s never long before a natural remedy for hair loss hits the headlines. The latest implies that guava leaves could be the answer to stop hair loss in its tracks.

The leaves are packed full of beneficial components known to link to good health. It’s said they’re an excellent source of tannins, tritenoids, saponine and eugenol. This means as well as helping to prevent hair loss, they could also help reduce the risk of heart disease and treat diarrhoea.

What hair health benefits do guava leaves have?

The main reason guava leaves are suspected to help prevent hair loss is because they’re packed full of nutrients. Just the Vitamin C content alone in the leaves is said to play a part in strengthening hair roots.

They’re also an anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial which means if the extract of the leaves is massaged directly onto the scalp, it can ensure maximum scalp health, while also eliminating dandruff.

Another benefit is they’re known to fight off free radicals which have significant links to hair loss. So, logically, they could work to reduce the likelihood of hair loss. However, it’s highly unlikely guava leaves alone could adequately treat hair loss.

Why other treatments should be sought

Women who are experiencing hair loss should seek a professional diagnosis before attempting to treat the condition naturally. There’s a lot of reasons hair loss can occur, and it could be linked to an underlying medical issue. In these cases, natural remedies such as guava leaves aren’t going to prove beneficial. Instead, they could actually make the problem worse as it goes untreated.

Getting to the root cause of hair loss is required before any treatment can be sought. So, if you’re looking to treat existing hair loss, it’s vital you seek effective treatment. Any delay could end up with a permanent problem that could possibly have been avoided.   If you’re at all concerned a all about hair loss then don’t hesitate to give us a call on +44 (0)845 359 2915 to arrange a free consultation.