Bleaching your hair – what’s the true cost?

Most of us like to experiment with our hair at some point in our lives – whether it’s just a temporary wash-out raspberry pink or blueberry blue hair dye for fun when we are super-young, or something a bit more permanent, stylish, and professional when we get a serious job, or a home-job bottle of dye to cover up the grey hair that just won’t go away, there’s something for everyone out there. But the unfortunate fact is, when we are bleaching our hair, we are messing with harsh chemicals, and eventually, it’s going to take its toll on our hair.

Lady Gaga and bleaching

Most of us know about how important Lady Gaga’s whole act is – it’s not just her voice, or her personality, it’s her appearance too, and what fascinates us most is how continually it evolves. Great for us, her adoring fans, not so much for her hair, which she has admitted herself, is starting to suffer.

Repeated bleachings over several years with hydrogen peroxide – left in the hair for as long as possible to achieve the platinum colour she is famous for – has weakened her hair to the extent that it now breaks all too easily. The singer has commented in People magazine that her hair has become so uneven through excessive breakage, that the process is referred to as a chemical haircut and she’s desperate for a solution.

What can she do about it?

Anyone who has been bleaching their hair for years, and using straightening irons or other heat treatments, just needs to stop doing it.

Wash it less frequently so that your natural oils can have a chance to accumulate and strengthen your hair.
Get a hair cut – get rid of the damaged hair and let some healthy hair grow in, untreated.

In the case of someone like Lady Gaga, wigs may become more important: both onstage and off. If your image is a really critical part of your lifestyle, you can have a lot of fun with wigs, without causing further damage to your hair.

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