bikini line transplant, anyone?

Bikini line transplant, anyone?

bikini line transplant, anyone?While women have been encouraged for years to keep their nether regions smooth and hair free, now it appears the natural look is back in. Clinics have seen a huge rise in the number of women lining up to have a bikini line transplant; desperate to regain an “all-natural” look.

So, would you undergo a bikini line transplant and what exactly does it involve?

Why the big change?

There are two main reasons women are now opting for the more natural look down there. Firstly, a lot of women who have spent years waxing, trimming and shaving their bikini line are now witnessing patchy regrowth. Put simply, it looks a mess.

Secondly, there have been a number of top celebrities encouraging women to stay natural. Cameron Diaz, Gwyneth Paltrow and Lady Gaga have all publicly supported full growth down below. In turn, this has inspired a lot of women to follow the trend.

What is a bikini line transplant?

A bikini line transplant works in much the same way as a hair transplant. Donor hairs are taken, typically from the back of the head, before being inserted into the pubic area. It’s a permanent procedure and the hairs will not fall out.

It’s usually carried out under a local anaesthetic and is completely painless. It takes approximately two hours and initially all you’ll see are tiny hair follicles. These follicles start to grow after the area has healed until full regrowth is experienced.

After the procedure

After approximately 90 minutes you’ll be on your way back home. For a few days, you will need to look after the area, ensuring it is kept wet with saline which should be provided to you. It’s normal to notice scabs forming as this is just part of the healing process.

You will need to wait until the scabs have cleared up before you shower. Then around a month before you can start having sex.

Overall, bikini line transplants are becoming more popular and the natural, full growth look is definitely in. So, if you’re hoping to achieve full regrowth after years of shaving and waxing, a bikini line transplant could be the answer.

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