Crash diet hair loss

Big Brother star Chanelle says crash diets have made her hair fall out

Crash diet hair lossFormer Big Brother star Chanelle, has been in the news a lot lately discussing her fluctuating weight. While she claims she is happier than ever now at size 16, the star has spoken out about her heartbreak over crash diet hair loss.

It’s no secret that poor diet can have a severe impact on the hair. Starting out at 14 stone, Chanelle practically starved herself to get down to 7 stone. She’s now gone back up to a size 16 and claims yo-yo dieting has contributed to her hair starting to fall out. Her weight fluctuations occurred in the space of just a couple of years.

Crash diet hair loss is irreversible

Chanelle’s doctor has warned the damage she has done to her hair is now irreversible. The severe dieting caused it to become thinner and she’s been told she has very few real, healthy hairs left. It’s not just her hair that has suffered either. Her nails have become flaky and extremely weak, forcing her to opt for false nails to keep them covered.

Unfortunately, Chanelle’s story isn’t an isolated one. Crash diets have become extremely popular over recent years as women struggle to keep up with the pressure of being thinner. They just don’t realise the damage they are causing to their hair, as well as their bodies.

Does diet really have a big impact on the hair?

Diet does play a large role in the health of the hair. A lack of nutrients can cause the hair to thin and become a lot weaker. This in turn can cause it to start breaking off. However, some experts argue it is the stress response that triggers the hair loss, rather than the lack of nutrients.

Stress can force more hairs into the resting phase, causing them to eventually shed in larger quantities. Crash diets cause a lot of stress to the body, therefore often resulting in hair problems.

Chanelle is hoping her experience will deter others from trying crash diets. When you stop and consider the long term implications, you realise they really aren’t worth it.

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