Bald Single Mum Wants to Ditch Her Wigs

wigsAfter suffering from Trichotillomania for the past 19 years, 28-year-old Hannah, reached out to experts to help her ditch the wigs. The single mum from Kent is desperate to find love, but her condition has taken away a lot of her self-confidence. After not going out on a date in over six years, Hannah turned to Channel 4’s popular “Body Fixers” program for help.

Going to great lengths to cover up

Hannah developed Trichotillomania when she was nine years old and has gone to great lengths to cover up the problem over the years. Perhaps the most extreme solution she turned to was covering her head in shoe polish, before drying it with a hairdryer. Like many sufferers, she’s also used a lot of wigs to keep her baldness hidden.

However, well-fitting wigs are notoriously expensive. Hannah instead had to rely on wigs which didn’t fit her properly. This meant, when going out in windy conditions, she was worried it would blow off.

Although she’s used humour to get through the condition, she admits she’s now had enough. Trichotillomania has now left her permanently bald and it isn’t just her hair on the scalp that’s suffered. Hannah also pulls out hairs from her eyebrows, though make-up makes it easier to cover up the problem.

Could SMP be a good solution?

Thousands of people can relate to Hannah’s story, with many also desperate to find a solution. One treatment which could prove beneficial is SMP.

Scamp MicroPigmentation is a sophisticated, skilled procedure which involves tattooing pigments of ink into the scalp. The ink is extremely fine and creates the look of a hair follicle. When completed, SMP provides a fully shaved look. So, rather than looking bald, it makes a patient appear as though they’ve simply shaven their head.

It’s a brave look for a woman, but it can really help you to regain confidence and you wouldn’t need to worry about it coming off. It’s a long-term solution which is surprisingly cost effective.  It also works under thinning hair to create the illusion of more volume by reducing the glare of the scalp.

Hannah’s story certainly isn’t an isolated one. There are many conditions which can lead to hair loss and as a woman it can be utterly devastating. However, there are treatment options available and SMP is definitely one she might want to consider.