women embracing baldness

When baldness is beautiful

women embracing baldnessThe generally accepted ideal of female beauty may have changed a lot through the ages and it certainly differs dependent on culture. The one thing that doesn’t change is that baldness is generally not associated with physical beauty so it was refreshing to read an article on Yahoo Beauty recently about seven women who were empowered by having no hair, challenging the convention.

Range of reasons for baldness

The women were all invited to the New York Studios and each told their story about the reason for hair loss and how it affected their life. Not surprising a number of them suffered from medical conditions which initially prompted the hair loss whilst others had made a decision to go bald to look different.

It’s telling though, that many of the reasons they give for going bald contain the word “choice”: “personal choice”, “chemo-inspired choice”, “alopecia inspired choice”. These women have been through the mill and come out of the other side, bolder, more beautiful and happier than they went in.

Be happy with yourself

What immediately stands out from all the different stories and the accompanying pictures is that each one of the women is happy with themselves and their look, claiming that they feel baldness has empowered them.

Whether caused by chemotherapy, alopecia areata or the reaction to a bad break up each one of the women tells a startlingly similar tale of discovering an inner calm and strength from realising that first and foremost you have to be content in your own skin.

To quote one of the women, Dana,34, “You know when you’re younger you hear clichés like beauty is in the eye of the beholder?”… “But it genuinely is true. I think I’m comfortable with who I am, and that radiates out. I just think beauty is you defining it for yourself”.

So perhaps it’s time that more women experiencing hair loss chose to embrace their baldness, and love themselves for who they are…

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