Bald by design

Bald by design: Why these three women shaved their heads

Bald by designHair is important to so many people. Losing it can really knock one’s confidence. But there are also women who choose the bald look and break with tradition and taboo to expose shaved heads with pride.

A bald move on your wedding day

Sunanda Pati decided to react to the pressures of a traditional wedding and the reaction her long locks gained her, by shaving it all off for her big day. Subject to shocked relatives and gasps all round, her long hair had caused her much more than physical burden, but a psychological one too and shaving off her hair helped her become closer with her own femininity.

In memoriam

23-year-old Shwetha Kristen Elisha shaved off her waist-long hair after losing loved ones to cancer and donating it to Children with Hair Loss (a US organisation). She said she had no regrets, despite negative reactions.

Beating bullies

Riddhi Dastidar stood up to the bullies who teased her for her very thin hair at school by getting rid of it altogether! Problem solved … As she became more of a feminist and grew tired of trying to find ways to style or cut her hair to make it look thicker, she decided to embrace a hair-free look and post it on social media.

While these three examples may be the minority, there are lots of reasons people experience hair loss, hair thinning or have shaved hair. This can vary from personal choice, a fashion statement, cancer treatment, genetics or a condition such as alopecia areata.

For these three women, hair did not give them their confidence. For others, losing hair can create self-esteem issues.

For those who lose their hair and want to reverse the appearance, there are cost-effective ways to do this such as SMP (scalp micropigmentation), wigs/hair pieces or looking in to more invasive procedures such as transplantation.

What is clear is that hair is a big part of someone’s identity – whether you have a full head or have absolutely none!

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