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Bald Can Be Beautiful

bald modelFor most women, hair loss can prove to be absolutely devastating. However, former nurse, 26-year old Therese Hansson, has recently highlighted what can happen when you embrace becoming bald.

After losing her hair at just 14 years old to Alopecia, Therese has managed to bag her dream modelling job.

Therese’s inspiring story

Although Therese now celebrates her baldness, she didn’t always feel the same. Like most women, the model really struggled to come to terms with hair loss at such a young age. The thought of going out in public completely bald wasn’t something she was ready to do and only her close friends and family knew she suffered from Alopecia.

After hiding her baldness for years, Therese was finally persuaded to embrace who she was by a close friend.  Her confidence paid off too as she managed to bag herself a modelling job. Now, she inspires young girls who also suffer from Alopecia, and proves bald can most certainly be beautiful.

Not ready to embrace being bald?

While Therese’s confidence is inspiring, many women may not quite be ready to follow in her footsteps. If you’re not ready to show off your baldness, there are ways you can successfully cover it up.

Wigs are one option. However, you will need to spend a little more to ensure you’re investing in a well-fitting, natural looking wig. The great thing about wigs is, you can change them as often as you like, enabling you to benefit from a different look whenever you want.

Another option is a treatment known as SMP. This is a specialist tattoo procedure which injects very small pigments of ink into the scalp. The result looks like the head has been shaved. It can give you more of a sense of choice, rather than having to deal with complete baldness.

You can see just how realistic SMP can be by carrying out a quick search online. Just be sure to choose a qualified, experienced practitioner as SMP is a very specialist technique which requires a lot of skill to produce realistic results.