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bald bold beautifulA recent article in Huffpost focused on three women who’ve all struggled for years with hair loss.  The common factor uniting the trio was a new-found confidence and happiness after years of misery, brought about by taking the decision to shave off their remaining hair and embracing their bald look.

Taking back control by going bald

This may sound like an extreme approach but to anyone who’s suffered from chronic hair loss over a sustained period of time it actually makes perfect sense. It’s really a question of taking back control over a condition which can be psychologically damaging with its negative effects on confidence and self-worth.   The removal of all the hair encourages a feeling of acceptance and reduces stress levels.  There’s no more waking up in the morning wondering how much hair is on the pillow.  In the words of one of the women, Charlie Crisp, “it took shaving my head for me to really accept the reality and stop freaking out every time I looked in the mirror.”

For women who are brave enough to adopt a new, “no messing” look then there’s always Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP).  The treatment, more commonly associated with balding men, involves the injection of small dots of organic inks into the scalp to create the illusion of real hair.

The nuclear option could be best

Many women with thinning hair have already adopted SMP as a way of removing the contrast between scalp and hair, which gives the appearance of greater volume and thickness but that’s not always possible and where the loss is in clumps and patches then going for the nuclear option could be best.  Certainly, if you’ve already made the decision to shave it all off then SMP could be the way forward.

The buzz cut look isn’t necessarily the accepted norm of female beauty but SMP could be the way of telling society that you’ve taken control of your hairstyle whilst avoiding some of the inevitable sympathy that the bald look attracts.

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