Bald Beauty: alopecia sufferer wins beauty pageant

Alopecia sufferer Michelle Moffatt has proved you don’t need to have hair to be beautiful.alopecia

The mum of four from Dumbarton, Scotland, recently won the Miss Bombshell Beauty Pageant and was even crowned Miss Congeniality, ahead of 50 other girls. Her story is truly an inspiration to women across the country who may have lost a lot of their confidence because of the condition.

How it started

It was in 2015 that Michelle was diagnosed with alopecia. At just 34 years of age, she noticed a large clump of hair had fallen out while she was having a shower. Not long after, another large clump fell out. A friend told her about a Macmillan Cancer fundraiser known as “Brave the shave” so she decided to take part, shave it all off and start again.

However, the hair didn’t grow back. She lost all of her hair, not just on her scalp, but her eyebrows and eyelashes too. Like any woman, she was both embarrassed and devastated by the loss of her hair and her confidence really hit rock bottom.

Raising awareness and beating the odds

It was a friend who entered Michelle into the Miss Bombshell beauty pageant. After realising she had been entered, Michelle saw it as an opportunity to raise awareness for Alopecia UK. The charity provides advice, support and information to those suffering from the condition.

She told the organisers of the pageant that she wasn’t their usual candidate, but was stunned when she was crowned the winner. After the initial heartbreak, winning the pageant filled her with a sense of pride that she was able to turn it into something positive; raising awareness of a condition that so many women struggle with.

There are various forms of alopecia and not all of them cause complete hair loss. If you’re concerned you may be suffering, it’s advisable to contact your GP and receive a proper diagnosis. All kinds of treatments are available, but it is important to establish the cause before treatment is sought.

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