Asia’s Hair Loss Secrets

Asia has quite a few hair loss secrets that are starting to be revealed to the rest of the world. One particular secret that’s become the latest trend is rice water. Marie Claire has recently published an article on how Japanese women use rice water to wash their precious locks and they’ve apparently been doing it for centuries.

Can rice water really help?

Rice water is said to help stimulate the hair, causing it to grow faster and thicker. It’s also thought to help improve the scalp’s overall health, while also boosting the hair’s strength. It’s become so trendy it’s even been given its own term – ‘hair water trend’.

It’s one of the easiest DIY hair loss remedies to try out. All you need is some rice, boil it and use the water to rinse your hair. Or, if that sounds like too much hard work, there are ready-made solutions such as Ash & Nectar’s rice water hair milk. It’s used just like a conditioner after the hair has been washed. So basically it’s a hair rinse.

It doesn’t just help with your hair either. It’s said that washing the face with rice water can also help to really soften the skin and boost the complexion. You can even use fermented rice water to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and to reduce inflammation. So, it’s no wonder it’s becoming so popular.

Other Asian hair loss secrets

As well as rice water, there’s a firm belief in Traditional Chinese Medicine that the blood and circulation are key to maintaining a healthy head of locks. So if you want to ensure the hair is healthy, you need to take care of your circulation, restoring the Qi that ensuring blood is directed towards the scalp.

To help with this, Ginseng, He Shou Wu and Gotu Kola are all said to be beneficial. The latter is particularly effective at hair loss. Not only does it improve blood circulation, but it also reduces the blood pressure.

These are just some of Asia’s hair loss secrets. None of them are expensive so it’s definitely worth giving them a go if you’re looking to minimise hair loss and thinning. However, before you do be sure to go to the doctors to see exactly what’s causing the problem.

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