Anna Faris' husband French plaits her hair to prevent hair loss

Anna Faris’ husband French plaits her hair to “prevent hair loss”

Anna Faris' husband French plaits her hair to prevent hair lossJurassic Park and Guardians of the Galaxy star, Chris Pratt, has recently revealed he French plaits his wife’s hair – and he’s actually rather good at it! The reason for this is adorable – he wants to protect her long blonde locks.

Why French plaits?

Pratt has been braiding his wife (Hollywood star Anna Faris)’s hair for years. It became a cute ritual for the couple, but that all changed after they discovered regular braids were damaging her hair.

As she used to sleep with the braids in, the hair at the top began to snap off. It was then that his wife’s mother suggested French plaits could be the answer. She taught Pratt how to do them and he quickly perfected his skills.

After trying it out, the star posted a picture of the results on his Instagram, jokingly offering his services as a celebrity stylist.

French plaits don’t cause the same amount of pressure at the top of the hair as regular ones, but they could still be doing more harm than good, as anything that pulls on the hair can cause traction alopecia. This is just one example of how hair styles can affect hair loss. So what can you do to protect your own head of hair against styling?

Top ways to prevent hair loss from styling damage

If you style your hair regularly, it’s important to take precautionary measures to prevent damage. Before blow-drying for example, it’s recommended you use a heat protection product, while ensuring the hair-dryer is on the right setting. Medium heat settings are advised, along with drying it half-way and then leaving it to air dry.

A lot of models also recommend using intensive conditioners to keep their hair nourished and protected. Ensuring it gets the right level of nutrients is also important, so you may want to invest in hair strengthening supplements.

Overall, styling can significantly damage the hair. From tight-pulling hairstyles to heat powered tools – they can all lead to hair loss if you don’t take precautionary measures.

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