A New Solution for Barely-There Brows

Are you one of the many women who have damaged their brows through over-plucking? Or maybe you have naturally barely-there brows? Well, there may be a solution in the form of a new tattoo treatment. Similar to the popular SMP treatment, pigment embroidery produces realistic, long-lasting results.

How does the new treatment for brows work?

Pigment embroidery, otherwise referred to as cosmetic tattooing or 3D hair strokes, uses an innovative technique to restore the look of the natural brow. It’s being used by those who have lost their eyebrows through cancer, alopecia and other injuries.

The thought of having the brows tattooed on can seem a little off-putting. It conjures up an image of thick, drawn on brows that aren’t especially attractive. However, the results have been surprisingly realistic.

Tiny cuts are made before ink is deposited into the top layer of the skin. It’s a semi-permanent procedure, with results lasting around a year. So the good news is, if you give it a go and you’re not happy with the results, they will fade after a year.

Mimicking SMP-style treatment

The new solution is very similar to SMP (Scalp Micro Pigmentation). SMP has been used for years to restore confidence to those who have lost the hair on their scalp. It tattoos the scalp, leaving behind a just shaved look.

While they are referred to as tattoo-style treatments, there is actually a big difference between SMP, pigment embroidery and the tattooing you associate with the body. Standard tattoos are used for body art and that isn’t what SMP is. The equipment is different and the depth the ink is inserted into is also different. So you couldn’t just head to your local tattooist to have either the brow restoration or SMP.

Overall pigment embroidery is a new, impressive barely-there brow treatment that is sure to boost in popularity. SMP style treatments are one of the most effective, semi-permanent solutions to severe hair loss conditions.

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