8 celebrities with thyroid problems

8 celebrities with thyroid problems

8 celebrities with thyroid problemsIt’s surprising how many people (mainly women) suffer from thyroid problems. Because the gland regulates the hormones in your body the effects can be life changing with unexplained weight loss or gain, depression, hair loss and swollen eyes being common symptoms.

It’s generally possible to bring a degree of control to thyroid conditions by finding the right balance of synthetic drugs, although it can mean a lifetime of medication. Recently Gigi Hadid told Elle magazine about her struggles with hypothyroidism and how she deals with it, whilst still maintaining Super Model status.

Managing thyroid disorders in the public eye

Hypothyroidism is caused by the body failing to produce enough thyroxine and generally results in weight gain, lack of focus and concentration and depression. Hadid is one of many who suffer from the disorder and she’s not the only one in the public eye.

Zoe Saladana, Gina Rodriguez and Kim Catrall have all suffered from the condition and its effects on them maintaining the perfect weight, required for their film and TV roles.

Brooke Burke Charvet and Victoria Justice are two other celebrities who’ve suffered from an underactive thyroid.

Then there’s Missy Elliot who suffered from an over active thyroid (this time the gland produces more thyroxine than required by the body) which results in dramatic weight loss and bulging eyes.

Molly Sims, the 43-year-old model suffered firstly with an over active and then under active thyroid.

Thyroid and hair loss

Although weight management is usually regarded as the most difficult problem for a thyroid disorder patient to deal with hair loss can also be a huge issue.

Generally the weight fluctuation is an early symptom but severe and prolonged hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism can cause significant hair loss, often affecting the whole scalp.

Fortunately, the disorder is manageable, as demonstrated by the 8 successful women above, all of whom are excelling in careers that rely on their looks to some extent. If you can get the balance of medication right then it’s completely possible to get back into a normal pattern. Your weight will stabilise and your hair will grow back.

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