Stephanie Davis talks styling damage and hair loss

Stephanie Davis talks pregnancy, hair loss and styling damage in OK!

Stephanie Davis talks styling damage and hair lossSoap star and Celebrity Big Brother contestant Stephanie Davis has spoken out about her latest hair disasters, some of which were caused by styling damage.

Stephanie, who is a regular in the gossip columns of magazines and newspapers, used her OK! Column to speak out about how pregnancy has affected her hair, as well as styling damage and the detrimental effects of bleach on her locks!

She spoke out about how her hair snapped when she dyed it from her natural dark to bleached blonde. That, combined with her personal life being played out in public and the stress that has caused, saw her hair start falling out and skin becoming blotchy.

She said her hair was coming out in clumps in her hands and made her feel less womanly, leaving her wearing wigs and worrying further about potential future hair loss. With pregnancy hormones, she’s worried the hormonal imbalance could affect hair loss further after she has given birth.

The dangers of styling damage

A mix of over processing (bleach), stress/anxiety/trauma and pregnancy combined played a part in Stephanie’s hair loss problem.

Bleaching hair can be damaging to hair and is best left to the professionals to handle. It can cause hair breakage or chemical burns. Other causes of styling damage include wearing your hair in tight buns or other hairstyles which pull on the roots of the hair

Pregnancy affects hormone levels and when imbalanced, they can cause temporary hair loss. Excessive stress or trauma can also cause hair loss or graying of the hair, as well as trigger alopecia.

The thing with stress, as may have been the case with Stephanie, is that once you start to experience hair thinning or hair loss, the stress from losing your hair can add to the overall trauma and actually make things worse.

Hair conditions triggered by stress

Some hair conditions triggered by stress include Alopecia Areata (sudden loss of hair in clumps, bald spots or total baldness), Telogen Effluvium (when more hair than normal sheds) and Trichotillomania (a psychological and habitual condition when someone pulls out their hair).

Stress in general also weakens the condition for hair, meaning it is much less likely to withstand strong colourings or bleach and styling damage.

Thankfully, in most cases, hair returns and hair loss is reversible. If this is not the case, there are several treatments or camouflages available including SMP (scalp micropigmentation). This non-surgical method uses pigmentation to give the effect of real hair growth and can be a great way to stop the panic that hair loss can cause, as a short or long-term fix.

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