7 Foods Recommended For Hair Loss Sufferers

The temptation, when discovering your own hair loss, might be to reach for medication. But there are immediate steps you can make to improve your condition, diet prime among them. Here are our 7 must have foods for all hair loss sufferers.


You Are What You Eat

Hair. We can examine it scientifically to establish exactly what the person who sprouted the hair has been eating and drinking. It is just about the fastest growing thing on the human body and so takes on daily supplies to fuel that growth, taking in tiny amounts of whatever we have been consuming. So paying attention to our diet seems an eminently sensible strategy, but of course not all foods were created equal when it comes to helping with hair loss. Here are 7 of our favorites.


Let’s start the list with one that is sure to appeal to everybody. Strawberries contain huge amounts of silica, great for growth and strength.


Get this into your diet, once or twice a week will suffice… and provide a great serving of iron and omega-3 fatty acids in natural form.


Moving swiftly on, for vegetarians, we are delighted to add lentils to this list. Loaded with protein, iron, zinc and biotin along with folic acid… marvelous stuff and not to be left out.


Makes a lovely healthy tasting treat and delivers vitamins B5 and D… and, of course, leftovers will make a wonderful hair mask.

Sweet Potatoes

These are a real treat for our scalp, stuffed with beta-carotene which converts to vitamin A in the body… a deficiency of which leads directly to an itchy and flaky scalp.

Dairy Products

All your favorite dairy products make the list, music to some of our readers no doubt. Vitamin B12, Zinc, Iron, Omega 6 fatty acids… they are all in there. What are you waiting for?


As well as containing Omega 3 fatty acids and vitamins, fish is also a phenomenal source of protein.

Hair Loss For Women

This is not intended to be a definitive list by any means, and there are plenty of foodstuffs worthy of consideration. It is offered as a broad base with something for everyone, whatever their taste or culture. Beef, lentil and strawberry smoothies aren’t for everyone. The point is that if you have not done so before, hair loss should be a catalyst towards taking better care of yourself, and in so doing better care of your hair and scalp health.

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