What happens when you wash your hair in coffee

What happens if you wash your hair with coffee?

What happens when you wash your hair in coffeeOne of the key ingredients in many hair loss solutions is caffeine. Take a look at hair thickening shampoos for example and you’ll see the majority list caffeine as their main ingredient. However, they are often also loaded with a variety of other hair-stripping compounds, which might put you off using them to wash your hair.

With this in mind, it may make you wonder whether washing your hair in coffee would be more effective. One woman decided to find out

Wash your hair in coffee?

Phoebe Waller documented the coffee washing process with the aid of her fiancé. Using instant coffee granules, she followed a pretty basic process, wetting the hair before applying the granules to the scalp.

She then massaged them in as you would with a shampoo, then finally rinsed them out. No conditioner or shampoo was used during the experiment.

So what was the result? Well, according to Waller the scalp felt more invigorated afterwards and the hair appeared a little shinier. However, considering the time it took to wash, the time spent detangling the hair and the fact it felt a little greasy afterwards (which could have caused the additional shine), Waller noted it wasn’t really worth it.

Using coffee to wash your hair might not be an ideal solution, but does caffeine have any benefits in terms of hair loss?

Caffeine and hair loss

Manufacturers and some experts do claim caffeine can help in the hair growth cycle. However, there haven’t been any real scientific studies carried out that can back this up. In fact, none of the hair loss shampoos currently on the market have been proven to work.

While using caffeine fuelled shampoos to wash your hair certainly won’t harm the hair, it isn’t going to be an effective solution for those experiencing hair loss. There are many causes of hair loss and each requires a specific type of treatment, whether that be drugs, topical treatments, or more drastic solutions such as hair transplants and SMP.

Overall, if you’re experiencing hair loss, learn from Waller’s experiment and avoid using coffee to wash your hair. It’s unlikely to work and it’s a very messy process!

Instead, visit a doctor or hair loss expert to have the cause of the hair loss diagnosed. Once you’ve done that, you can look into the potential treatments and solutions available.

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