Postpartum hair loss

5 steps to prevent hair loss after pregnancy

Pregnancy and childbirth has a huge impact on hormone levels in a woman’s body. Combined with the ‘shock’ to the body of going into labour, many women experience increased hair shedding after they have given birth.

Many women report that one of the benefits of pregnancy is that their hair is thicker and fuller as oestrogen levels increase in the body. But, once those oestrogen levels drop, how do you prevent noticeable hair loss?

# 1 Be gentle

Anything that puts pressure on your hair follicles can cause them to break or fall out so avoid tight ponytails or damaging your hair with heat processes or over-styling. Buy a new comb that has widely-spaced teeth. Brushes and combs with very tightly-spaced teeth can pull at the hair follicles causing more hair loss.

# 2 Invest in your hair

There are a million different types of hair products to address any hair concern and keeping your hair healthy is an important step in avoiding hair loss after pregnancy. Products designed for fine hair that are often marketed as ‘volumising shampoos’ can be good but avoid anything that promises to intensively condition the hair as they can be too heavy.

# 3 No stress

That is easier to say than do, particularly if you’re coping with the demands of a new baby. However, it has been proven that stress can causes hair loss by forcing the hair follicles to move prematurely from the growth stage to resting phase. So, ask for help if you find your struggling with those sleepless nights.

# 4 Diet is important

Lifestyle factors such as diet have been found to affect hair growth and it is possible to experience hair loss if you are deficient in certain key nutrients. Childbirth and nursing can strip the body of these vitamins and minerals so it is important that you are eating a healthy and varied diet to prevent hair loss after pregnancy. Protein, iron and vitamins B, C, E and zinc are all key to hair growth so a multi-vitamin supplement might also be a good idea.

# 5 Experiment with a new hairstyle

Longer hair with a centre parting can make hair loss after pregnancy more noticeable so try out a new haircut that makes your hair look fuller.

If you are suffering from hair loss after pregnancy, then contact the specialists at Hair Loss for Women for impartial advice and expert care.