enagament alopecia

Recently engaged Texan with alopecia makes a brave decision

enagament alopeciaHair loss can have all kinds of psychologically damaging effects on women.  First of all, there’s the realisation that you’re losing your identity and then there’s the isolation, often self-imposed because of feelings of shame and worthlessness. On top of all this there’s the feeling of lack of control that comes with a condition like alopecia areata for which there is no known cure.

Wigs are high maintenance

Alopecia areata is an autoimmune condition that can strike at any age and the symptoms range from patchy bald spots to a complete loss of hair.  At this stage the condition turns becomes known as alopecia universalis.  Many women at this stage opt for a wig as the only way of covering up the problem and fitting into the societal norms but wigs are high maintenance and always run the risk of sudden exposure when doing sports etc.

There’s an increasing trend however for women to refuse the imposition of a hair piece and literally take back control of their own body by accepting their baldness.  This was the case for one Texan bride to be, Makenzee Meaux who made the plucky decision mid engagement photo shoot to remove her wig and let the world see her as she really is.

“This is the true me”

Whilst she acknowledged that it was one of the most difficult things she’d ever done in her life she attributed the decision to the support of her future husband Bryan Ballard, “He has shown me that the people who love you do not care whether or not you have hair and the ones who do are not worth your time or your love. So this is me, the true me.”.


Whilst there’s no cure for the condition the wig does still remain an option for women who just can’t accept the bald look.  Another alternative is to consider scalp micropigmentation which creates a realistic illusion of closely cropped real hair.  This is becoming increasingly popular as a treatment with men and won’t suit every woman but it does convey the impression that the bald style is a choice at least.  Two find out more about the options for alopecia areata or universalis why not call us to arrange a free confidential consultation on +44 (0)845 359 2915