Can women have a hair transplant?

Is hair transplant surgery suitable for women suffering hair loss?

hair transplant surgery for womenHair transplant surgery is one of the hair loss treatment options that can be considered for women, but often it does not produce as successful a result for women as it can for man suffering from androgenetic alopecia and this is due to the different pattern of progressive hair loss that women tend to suffer from.

Androgenetic alopecia in men is commonly called male pattern baldness because it tends to follow a distinct pattern, with hair loss either starting at the crown or receding from the frontal hairline, usually leaving the sides and back of the hair untouched. This means that there is a stable donor area for the surgeon to utilise in a hair transplant procedure.

Women also suffer from androgenetic alopecia but the pattern of hair loss is very different. Hair tends to thin across the whole of the scalp including the sides and back, meaning there is no certainty that any hair follicles that are transplanted will be permanent. Women also tend to retain their frontal hairline and, instead, wish to increase density and a hair transplant procedure can only move hair follicles from one area to another rather than encourage hair regrowth.

However, women that have suffered from a different form of alopecia may be suitable for a hair transplant or those that have lost hair in a specific area as a result of trauma. Some women also experience the same pattern of balding as men.

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