Hair loss in women is a purely distressing situation. It has a psychological impact, it’s difficult to manage and it can, sometimes suddenly, alter the way you look. Short of learning to live with it, which none of us would particularly choose to do, hair loss is a problem that requires a remedy.

Owing to it’s considered rarity (of course, some would beg to differ on this), female hair loss is not a field of medical science that is receiving the research that it truly deserves. Drugs companies are not going out of their way to test products and there’s little available to combat the hair loss probem. Additionally, medical practioners are slightly reluctant to prescribe the necessary medication as it has side affects that have an impact, particularly on your hormones. However, treatments that are administered directly to the scalp, may also a good alternative and will be considerable kinder to the rest of your body.

Which Remedies are Available for Hair Loss?

  • Minoxodil is a drug that was initially introduced to treat high blood pressure in patients. It was quickly noticed that a side effect was excessive hair growth. Owing to this discovery, it is one of the preferred methods when it comes to a severe loss of hair. It’s also interesting to note, that after research, applying Minoxodil directly to the scalp can also aid in stimulating hair growth.
  • Spironolactone is a diuretic that is used for reducing fluid in your body without messing with the potassium levels. It acts as an anti-androgen and will slow down the production of the actual androgens in the adrenal glands plus the ovaries. It will block the action of the androgen which, in turn will prevent the binding of androgenetic receptors resulting in possible hair growth.
  • Cimetidine is a histamine blocker. It is usually administered to combat gastrointestinal ulcers as it prevents the gut from producing excess acid. This, in turn, will allow ulcers to heal. However, it’s also anti-androgenic and will works in the same way as Spironolacton by hampering the binding of androgenetic receptors resulting in hair growth. High dosage is required to produce results and men should not take it as it will result in adverse sexual side effects and also produce feminizing results!!!
  • Essential oils are also a natural cure against hair loss in women and massaging gently into the scalp over prolonged periods of time has proved to be effective. Patience is the key, however, it’s not going to produce any unwanted side effects and will be readily available without having to spend your life in a doctors waiting room. Popular oils will be coconut oil, emu oil,