Prevention is better than cure: why you should see a dermatologist in your 20sDermatology for most people is just one of the departments they see signs for in hospital corridors. For those of unlucky enough to have to have moles and warts removed then then that might be our only contact with an actual dermatologist. It’s not just about skin diseases and clearing up acne though, dermatology is one of the best places to start if you want to defy the ageing process.

When you consider that dermatologists look after the health of our skin and hair it’s not really surprising that trends in the US and now the UK are for younger women to seek advice about the best way to keep their youthful looks. A good practitioner will be able to help in a number of ways:

A dermatologist can offer advice on treatments to avoid

First and foremost they can offer good advice. Some treatments can become a fad but aren’t necessarily for everyone. A good dermatologist won’t just advise on the treatments to have but also on the ones to avoid. No one wants to end up looking older than they started.

A dermatologist will also help develop healthy routines focusing on exfoliation, anti-oxidants and protecting against sun damage. As skin cancer can strike in the early 20s it probably makes sense to have a regular scan for any sun damage.

Stress and anxiety can accelerate ageing

When it comes to hair loss the dermatologist will be able to diagnose the root cause of the problem and offer suitable treatments. This may be in the form of a medicine or they may recommend a lifestyle change. Stress and anxiety tends to affect both the skin and the hair.

So, if you want to design an anti-ageing and hair loss strategy you could do far worse than make an appointment with a dermatologist.