Female Hair Loss Treatments

Female hair loss treatments

There are a number of solutions that can help hair loss , whether as a cure, management or camouflage. Often a treatment programme will draw on a number of therapies to produce the best results possible.


This hair loss medication has undergone clinical trials to prove that it can halt or even reverse hair loss for some patients. In the US and UK it is licensed to treat male and female pattern baldness, but it can also be utilised for treating other hair loss conditions. It works by keeping the hair follicles in the growing stage for longer.

Clinical studies have shown improvement for over 80 per cent of women, but the best results are achieved when you commence treatment as early as possible.

Low Level Laser Treatment (LLLT)

Often combined with minoxidil preparations for optimal results, laser therapy works by increasing blood circulation in the scalp to encourage growth.

Hair Loss Products

Hair loss is an area of intense clinical research and development and although an absolute cure has not yet been discovered, a number of highly effective products have been developed that can greatly improve hair loss. Caffeine has been identified as a powerful agent for change, capable of protecting the hair follicle from the hormones that cause such devastating damage. Often these products are used in conjunction with other treatments to produce the optimal results.

Hair Transplant Surgery

A FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) procedure works by taking small follicular units, typically containing one to four hairs, from a ‘donor’ area and transplanting to areas of hair loss. The donor area has to be viable, in that it won’t suffer from hair loss in the future and in men this is usually the back or side of the scalp. However, women’s hair loss often presents as diffuse thinning from all over the scalp which can make it more challenging for the hair transplant surgeon. A hair transplant will also not prevent further hair loss in the future. Your hair transplant surgeon will ensure that you have a clear idea of what to expect and what is achievable before you make the decision to proceed.

Scalp MicroPigmentation

This procedure delivers pigments into the scalp to replicate hair follicles. Hugely popular with men suffering from male pattern baldness, scalp micropigmentation can create the appearance of a closely-shaved hairstyle. Women can also benefit from scalp micropigmentation as it can add density and minimise the colour difference between the scalp and existing hair.

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