Ever wandered past those aisles in the health food store and hovered… in a pensive mood, asking oneself, what on earth do you do with coconut oil. Well, if there is any advice at all in the world that we can give you it’s go and buy some. It costs peanuts and it’s the ultimate super product that you really need to stack on your bathroom (or kitchen) shelf.

Initially, let’s just go through some of those amazing things that you can actually use it for. The first is that it’s a ridiculously healthy way to to cook dairy free meals. It’s a fabulous alternative to butter and will taste great to boot. However, it doesn’t end there. It’s the most amazing beauty product that you could ever wish to own. It’s a perfect make-up remover and will moisturize your skin a treat. Use it on a daily basis and rumour has it that it will also combat anxiety and depression. Yet it doesn’t end there. Albeit that the list, when you really look into it, appears inifinite, one of the most interesting uses for coconut oil has to be it’s (possible) cure for hair loss.

Yet how does it work? What evidence is there that coconut oil will actually help in the prevention of hair loss?

  • Coconut oil imitates Sebum which is the natural oil that your body produces to keep your scalp well oiled. When your scalp is oily, the follicles are in better condition. Sebum plays a vital role concerning hair loss.
  • It’s packed full of antioxidants, for example, vitamins E and K, which are all vital in hair growth. It’s also full of Iron too!
  • It also contains lauric acid which will protect the strands and the roots.
  • Additionally, coconut oil is both antibacterial and antifungal. Bacterial and fungal problems can have a severe affect on hair growth. Coconut oil is the ideal remedy as it is not only natural, it’s also gentle.

Once you’ve purchased your coconut oil, to administer, you’ll need to gently dampen your hair with warm water and massage. Afterwards, take some of your coconut oil in the palm of your hand (if it’s solid, the warmth of your hands will dissolve it) and gently massage into your scalp. Continue to massage, waking up your hair follicles for around three or four minutes. Finally, tie your hair into a loose top-knot or wrap up into a towel and leave it for anything between a 30 minutes to overnight. Then wash it out with a gentle shampoo. Administer a couple of times a week and after around two to three months you should notice that your hair loss is possibly halting.